Safety goes first

With SafetyShortcuts, we keep you safe from any situation with the help of trusted contacts or the police.

We create simple shortcuts
that you can setup.


Simple and quick

The shortcuts can be downloaded and setup. After setup ready to use.


Safe and secure

Any shortcut can be disguised and are locked with an password.


Add a trusted contact

Add an individual that automatically would be texted when in danger.


Become an user today

You can sign up for free today. Create your account and download any shortcut available!

Effortless security

How we've designed our security

Shortcuts are not apps. That means that any shortcut could be disguised.


If you decide to add a shortcut to your homescreen,
you can use an picture to change the icon.

Password security

If you decide to open up the shortcut,
you will have to fill in a numeric password.

Variation of shortcuts for different situations

You can choose to download our
domino's shortcut to disguise it for ordering pizza.

Free and amazing


Every shortcut you can download won't
cost you any money.


Never worry about having to


Provided with an setup page
and lot's of security.


The shortcuts are packed with
great features.

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